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Important Things to Consider if You're a Vegan

By Mahesh Yadav August 05, 2021 0 comments

Many people have confused vegans to vegetarians, thinking that sticking to veggies is the end of it. More than being an eating habit, veganism is a built lifestyle that pledges to animal-free diets and products. It is a philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals, and promotes a life that seeks to benefit animals, humans, and the environment. It is high time we inform you on how to take this path righteously.

The most basic manifestation of being a vegan is the eating choice. A vegan diet is basically a vegetarian diet completely without animal goods, such as eggs, honey, or dairy. A plant-based meal offers vast advantages to your health as it reduces your carbon footprint and helps in your weight management. However, there are uncommon instances when people do this the unhealthy way. An improper planning and education about these diets can pose iron and vitamin b12 deficiencies, and low protein intake. Remember, plant-based diets are usually thought to be safe and healthful, but they do necessitate some preparation and lifestyle changes around the foods consumed. There is no “one size fits all” diet; make sure to tailor it according to your body’s requirements.  

Aside from diet, part of being vegan is pledging to use animal-free products. Gratuitously inhumane practices happen just to exploit animals in many ways possible. Animal slaughter does not only happen in food production, but also in the fashion industry.

The good news is that many brands are already using leather, fur, and wool alternatives. Cruelty-free or vegan fashion is now flourishing. The bad news is that finding them can be difficult. You should consider checking your clothes label. If the garment uses any of the following materials, then it is not vegan: angora, calf hair, calfskin, cashmere, down feathers, faux feathers, fur, leather, merino wool, rabbit fur, silk, shearling, suede, snakeskin, and wool. Cotton is vegan's best buddy because it can be used for making almost any item of apparel and is already used in many. In fact, denim is a vegan fabric and the majority of denim clothing is vegan as well. But some jeans, however, use leather patches that aren't vegan. Always read the label!

Beauty industry has long been called out for testing out ingredients and cosmetic products on animals. The importance of considering the usage of cruelty-free cosmetics is just as impactful as abstaining from eating meat! The fight for better ethics and accountability in the beauty industry has grown into a massive movement that appears to be around to stay. You must support this cause by opting for cruelty-free beauty products which are not really hard to find nowadays. The internet is a pool of information – and a list of vegan cosmetic brands is definitely an easy find. A little bit of research goes a long way in your commitment as a vegan.

If you have ticked all the right boxes, consider this a refresher. Congratulations for doing it right! If you think you still have a long way to go, just continue going at your own pace. It’s easier now that you’ve found the right manual.

Vegans select the lifestyle for a variety of reasons, including health, ethics, and morale. It is important that you learn to be careful in choosing what you eat, down to the product you use. All steps must be made purposefully because the cause of veganism is every bit worth it. A vegan’s life is not just a choice, but a very holistic commitment to nature.

If this article has helped you see the importance of being a vegan but you still need a little support, then Boost Biotic has got you covered. We offer Vegan focused supplements to help people like you stay in the best shape of your lives by providing you with essential nutrients and vitamins which you might be missing due to your dietary restrictions.

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